Danube Group registers 20% year-on-year growth in Oman

Muscat: While optimistic about the growth in the Oman market, Anis Sajan, Vice Chairman of the Danube Group, said that he also lost some market share due to tough competition.

While registering a growth of 20 per cent in Oman market on a year-on-year basis, Anis Sajan, who was in Oman for a meeting, said that he lost some market share due to entry of new players with cheaper products and that led to the shrinking of Danube market share.

“We strictly maintain the quality for brands like Danube or Milnao but small players are dropping prices because they don’t have as much overhead as we have. But people who go for cheaper products realise at the end of the day that they have made a mistake. This is the reason why we lost some market share. We are trying our best to get back the lost ground in the coming months and try to go beyond that 20 percent profit margin,” he said.

When asked about the counterfeit products, Sajan said: “There is something that we can’t do. As the colour of our box is orange and blue, and if somebody copies the same colour, I can’t do anything. But if somebody copies my brand Milano, I will definitely take action in that case.”

The aim of our meeting in Muscat is to inform the customers about the launch of our new products and offers which we are giving, he said.

“Milano has now become a household name, no matter what model or product my competitors bring in, Milano rules in their heart. Some customers want cheap products but I cannot help them,” said the Vice Chairman of Danube Group.

He said that all the products of Milano come with a seven-year unconditional warranty that is a great thing whether sanitary, electrical hardware or tiles and this is the reason why Milano has grown over the years.

Talking to TTV, Sajan recalled saying that the Milano brand was launched in Oman 15 years ago but it got its wings here, thanks to the country’s leaders for supporting us and giving us the much-needed platform.

Source: https://timesofoman.com/article/135822-danube-group-registers-20-year-on-year-growth-in-oman