Plain MDF Boards by the Danube are high-strength panel made from quality tested wood or lignocellulosic material which is refined into fibers & then restructured with a resin binder at elevated temperatures to form panels which can be easily used for the construction of interiors & furniture, among different other applications. Being manufactured from 100% agro-forestry timber, Plain MDF Boards are also Eco-friendly and a substitute for solid timber & different other non-eco-friendly panels.


Building and Construction:

  • Partition panel inserts
  • Panel inserts for panel doors and flush door shutters
  • Cavity flooring
  • Ceiling
  • Flooring
  • Paneling
  • Door
  • Moulding
  • Cornice
  • Pelmet
  • Skirting


  • Modular furniture
  • Computer tables
  • Workstations
  • Cupboard shutters
  • Dual desks for primary schools
  • TV cabinets



  • 4X8X03MM
  • 4X8X04MM
  • 4X8X06MM
  • 4X8X06MM (PRIME)
  • 4X8X09MM
  • 4X8X12MM
  • 4X8X15MM
  • 4X8X16MM
  • 4X8X18MM
  • 4X8X18MM (PRIME)
  • 4X8X22MM
  • 4X8X25MM
  • 4X8X30MM
  • 6X12X12MM
  • 6X12X18MM


1. Syncro Collection:

Synchro Collection is a range of premium Melamine faced panels perfectly synchronized with wood grain which gives a unique feel to touch.

The art of synchro technology gives a glance of real wood and makes it more appealing. 21 contemporary decors reflect an image of elegance and robustness at the same time.







2. Solid Colors:







3. New Designer Collection:


46 Natural Oak


48 Wild Oak


53 Country Oak

4. Textured Collection:


Cool White


5. Wood Grains:


Bavarian Beech


Birds Eye Maple



Veneered MDF is a perfect alternative to solid wood and is suitable for a broad range of purposes, including furniture manufacturing, wall paneling and more. Edges of Veneered MDF boards can be finished off with matching iron-on veneer edging strips.

Our veneered MDF sheets come in a number of different size options and we also stock a range of finishes including Beech, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Maple and Ash meaning you can match your MDF to other surfaces in the home.

Moisture resistant (MR) MDF is manufactured utilizing resins which are appropriate for use in areas of high humidity such as kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. MR MDF is NOT suitable for use in wet conditions, as it will swell in the same way as standard MDF (albeit not as much). Most (but not all) MR MDF is manufactured with the inclusion of a green dye which is for identification purposes only.

Product Applications

  • Architectural moldings
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Skirting boards
  • Shop fitting
  • Bar fitting
  • Furniture
  • General joinery



  • 4X8X06MM M/R
  • 4X8X09MM M/R
  • 4X8X12MM M/R
  • 4X8X18MM M/R
Fire Retardant MDF is an MDF Panel developed specifically for those situations where fire enhanced performance is required under building regulations.
It is suitable for use in internal dry conditions for non-structural applications; ideal for applications such as wall linings, partitions, and display panels and so on.

Product Applications

  • Public buildings
  • Exhibitions
  • Wall Linings
  • Partitions
  • Display Panels
  • Ceilings



  • 4X8X06MM F/R
  • 4X8X09MM F/R
  • 4X8X12MM F/R
  • 4X8X18MM F/R

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Creating a well-designed and functional space starts with picking the right building materials. Each piece and component should complement your vision of the space. Danube Group can provide you with the materials solutions you need to build an environment that meets your needs and requirements.

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Driven by our passion to provide cutting-edge material solutions and excellent customer service, we continuously innovate our processes to produce superior products that will meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Each of our Melamine MDF boards is made from superior materials and produced with utmost precision using only cutting-edge equipment.

As one of the leading MDF suppliers in Dubai and Sharjah, we like to give our clients options to choose from in terms of board finishes and panels. Our broad range of decorative fittings and MDF board can help complement your space design concepts.

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