Nouveau Surfaces

While the world is slowly lurking towards its zenith, seamlessly integrating culinary ambition with exceptional living and well-curated spaces, Danube Building Materials delivers a well-connected experience and a top-notch amalgamation of the varied products of the very famous melamine faced chipboards and high-pressure laminates under the parasol of Nouveau Surfaces – an exquisite blend of the iconic and elite European brands Arpa and Viaggo from Italy and Evola from Belgium.

The Nouveau Surfaces is brimming with the decors and finishes which are carefully selected in line with the current fashion trends in the furnishing industry keeping in mind the local and contemporary taste of the people. Nouveau Surfaces is the perfect addition to an entertainer and a dreamer’s home. What once seemed like a dream is now a CONCEIVABLE REALITY!


Surfing on feelings

The Viaggio collection originates from the meticulous choice of fashionable structures and patterns. A selection of fine, sophisticated decors combined with tactile finishes that faithfully reproduce the effect of wood, fabric and stone. The emotions of color are expressed through elegant structures and intensified by finishes that bring to mind the material itself.


Item Code: CH 202

CH 1491

Item Code: CH 1491

CH 1671

Item Code: CH 1671

CH 1774

Item Code: CH 1774

CH 1776

Item Code: CH 1776

CH 1777

Item Code: CH 1777

CH 1778

Item Code: CH 1778

CH 1836

Item Code: CH 1836

CH 1782

Item Code: CH 1782

CH 1797

Item Code: CH 1797

CH 1800

Item Code: CH 1800

CH 1803

Item Code: CH 1803

CH 1833

Item Code: CH 1833


Altea Biege Almendra

Item Code: CH 1878

Cumino Namaste CH 1844

Cumino Namaste

Item Code: CH 1844

Cement Grunge CH 1728

Cement Grunge

Item Code: CH 1728

Blick Madras CH 1812

Blick Madras

Item Code: CH 1812

Castilla Daphne CH 1928

Castilla Daphne

Item Code: CH 1928

Dakota Almendra CH 1899

Dakota Almendra

Item Code: CH 1899

Hazel Almendra CH 1858

Hazel Almendra

Item Code: CH 1858

Honey Shadow CH 1703

Honey Shadow

Item Code: CH 1703

Honey Tiwi Almendra CH 1881

Honey Tiwi Almendra

Item Code: CH 1881

WallGrunge CH 1817


Item Code: CH 1817

Irony Grunge CH 1851

Irony Grunge

Item Code: CH 1851

Lirico Spiderman CH 1932

Lirico Spiderman

Item Code: CH 1932

Macadamia Sunshine CH 1846

Macadamia Sunshine

Item Code: CH 1846

Onewood CH 1700


Item Code: CH 1700

Otoman Otoman CH 1900

Otoman Otoman

Item Code: CH 1900

Pekan Sunshine 1848

Pekan Sunshine

Item Code: 1848

Pepper Shadow CH 1767

Pepper Shadow

Item Code: CH 1767

Tobaco Onewood CH 1725

Tobaco Onewood

Item Code: CH 1725

Urban Otoman CH 1864

Urban Otoman

Item Code: CH 1864

Vanilla Shadow CH 1727

Vanilla Shadow

Item Code: CH 1727

Village Spiderman CH 1897

Village Spiderman

Item Code: CH 1897

Wall Grunge CH 1817

Wall Grunge

Item Code: CH 1817


Kemiri Sunshine

Item Code: CH 1849

It’s time to take the next big step in decorative paneling. With Evola, a remarkable new collection by Unilin. True to natural wood designs exhibit realistically embossed structures and different gloss finishing levels. Their lifelike wood mirrors, knots, and flowers that can easily fool the best. With warm tones and natural colors, they perfectly fit in the new coziness trend.


Evola is manufactured in accordance with our extremely high-quality standards, resulting in a most durable, and scratch resistant, colorfast and low maintenance product. The use of sturdy chipboard support leads to an uncompromised strength and stability, facilitating the swift, secure handling and processing of the panels. As far as durability and lifespan are concerned, Evola marks a definite improvement on nature.


Inspired by nature, our designers have succeeded in creating the finest lifelike woodgrains ever. Evola panels do not only look indistinguishable from real wood, but they also feel the same. All cracks, fissures, knots and other small imperfections you find in genuine wood are replicated to the highest degree of fidelity. Evola stands for the looks of real wood, without its drawbacks.


Evola not only mimics nature, its production process totally respects the environment. Unilin uses PEFC certified wood and takes great care in reducing CO2 emissions in each step of the production process. The net result is a true CO2 negative product.

Desert brushed Oak natural H788_W05

Desert brushed Oak natural

Item Code: H788 W05

Diamond black 113_W06

Diamond black

Item Code: 113 W06

H786_W06_Robinson Oak brown

Robinson Oak brown

Item Code: H786 W06

H787_W05_Desert brushed Oak grey

Desert brushed Oak grey

Item Code: H787 W05

H789_W05_Desert brushed Oak black brown

Desert brushed Oak black brown

Item Code: H789 W05

Minnesota Oak chocolat H441_Z5L

Minnesota Oak chocolat

Item Code: H441 Z5L

Minnesota Oak natural H162_Z5L

Minnesota Oak natural

Item Code: H162 Z5L

Minnesota oak warm natural H440_Z5L

Minnesota oak warm natural

Item Code: H440 Z5L

Romantic Oak brown H782_W06

Romantic Oak brown

Item Code: H782 W06

Romantic Oak honey natural H781_W06

Romantic Oak honey natural

Item Code: H781 W06

Royal Oak dark brown H164_V8A

Royal Oak dark brown

Item Code: H164 V8A

Royal Oak natural H437_V8A

Royal Oak natural

Item Code: H437 V8A


Since 1954 Arpa Industriale has been designing and manufacturing panels with very high-quality HPL technology for the most diverse applications: from architecture to interior design, from healthcare to shipyards, from transport to hospitality, from retail to kitchens. Arpa offers a vast range of choices of products, extremely varied in both structure and appearance.

Winner of High Product Quality

All. Lucido 2005 LUC

2005 All. Lucido

Item Code: LUC

Bianco Industriale 0020 ERRE

0020 Bianco Industriale

Item Code: ERRE

Calypso 3420 Losa

3420 Calypso

Item Code: Losa

Canaletto 4603 ALV

4603 Canaletto

Item Code: ALV

Ciligio Avola Scuro 4606 ALV

4606 Ciligio Avola Scuro

Item Code: ALV

Eucalipto California 4602 ALV

4602 Eucalipto California

Item Code: ALV

Grigio Fero 0623 ERRE

0623 Grigio Fero

Item Code: ERRE

Grigio Perla 0211 ERRE

0211 Grigio Perla

Item Code: ERRE

Lamphun Teak 4445 ALV

4445 Lamphun Teak

Item Code: ALV

Nero 0509 ERRE

0509 Nero

Item Code: ERRE

Noca Savoia 4604 ALV

4604 Noca Savoia

Item Code: ALV

Oak 4303 ALV

4303 Oak

Item Code: ALV

Olmo Scuro 4548 ALV

4548 Olmo Scuro

Item Code: ALV

Otone Lucido 2006 LUC

2006 Otone Lucido

Item Code: LUC

Rovere Barrique 4512 ALV

4512 Rovere Barrique

Item Code: ALV

Rovere Fumo 4511 ALV

4511 Rovere Fumo

Item Code: ALV

Rovere Rhone 4367 LAR

4367 Rovere Rhone

Item Code: LAR

Rust 3294 Luna

3294 Rust

Item Code: Luna

Walnut 1877 ERRE

1877 Walnut

Item Code: ERRE

Oak 4303 ERRE

4303 Oak

Item Code: ERRE