DANUBE Group has recently been awarded five prestigious certificates under the ISO 26000 and the
ISO 10002 standard, after an extensive evaluation process conducted by Swiss-based QS Zurich AG.
The internationally recognised ISO 26000 encourages businesses and organisations to ethically and
actively contribute to the welfare of society, whereas the ISO 10002 recognizes the firm’s efforts to
abide by international standards set for customer complaint management and satisfaction.

Being the first company within the industrial category to be recognized to promote social welfare and
offering quality customer feedback, Danube Group is constantly striving to implement best practices, in
order to operate in a more socially responsible manner and to maximize customer satisfaction.

Speaking about the accolade, Mr. Rizwan Sajan, Founder and Chairman of Danube Group enthused:
“As corporate citizens, we are extremely honoured to be verified under international standards for our
efforts to promote the betterment of our society and enhance customer service. Being presented these
prestigious certificates symbolizes our commitment to our customers and restores our faith in our goals.
We have been thriving in the UAE market for over ten years and have consciously dedicated ourselves
to perform responsibly.”

Danube Group’s primary focus stems from the increasing demand for ethical behaviour in all aspects of
business, in addition to the need to deal with customer feedback systematically. With the certificates,
the renowned Danube Group joins other leading global organisations to focus on achieving similar
social goals and work in line with internationally accepted management system standards.

Speaking of the importance of CSR, Mr. Rizwan added, “Over the past ten years, companies in the
Middle East region have understood the potential benefits of having a dedicated CSR plan, which has
caused a wave of diverse CSR drives to be launched in the market. We at Danube Group have derived
effective CSR plans and have aimed to engrave our customers’ needs in our firm’s philosophy.”

In the past, Danube Group has also acquired 9001, 1400, & 18001 certificates to denote its contribution
in the fields of Quality & HSE.